NZO Fabrication 4" Titanium Snorkel - YES! Titanium!

We had a customer come to us who wanted a snorkel for his 2020 BT-50, the customer wanted to stand out from the crowd and the NZO Fabrication team had been discussing the idea of a titanium snorkel for weeks - We saw this as a perfect opportunity to put forward the idea of a titanium snorkel. And that's what we did!

So why a titanium snorkel?? 

Everyone these days is either running a Safari 4X4 Engineering plastic snorkel or a 3 - 4" stainless snorkel - which the NZO Fab team have done many of.. What titanium brings to the party is the ability to be coloured in many ways, is extremely light and is a huge flex over everyone else!

Using titanium as opposed to stainless steel means that the pipe cannot be bent and bends in titanium are not available - thus why you have the lobster back design, named for its similarity to a lobsters back.. See the image below:

lobster back welds

 Colouring of titanium is a process that happens when heat is applied - different temperatures offer different colours - and this is the main reason to go titanium over any other metal. See below a video of us colouring in this snorkel:

We had a blast putting something this unique together and the customer and our team is extremely happy with the result. If you want to see more of what the NZO Fabrication team is up to, hit them on Snapchat, Instagram or Facebook @nzofab

Here are a couple of images to fill your socks!