Toyota Prado 90 Series Tourer Build Pt2

It's been a while since my first post on the Prado build, but that doesn't mean I haven't been busy working on the Prado! There's been quiet a bit of work done on it since the last write up, so let's dive right in!

To kick things off I got the lift kit installed and those massive 33's. I had a great time learning about fitting tyres and, with good assistance from our fitter Richard, I got the rubber on the rims and up she went! I had to trim away a bit of the inner guard and the body seem on the front wheel arches. I welded it back up and sealed it with clear epoxy!

The next thing I really wanted to tackle was the snorkel. I like extreme looks, and what's more extreme than a bonnet entry, pie cut snorkel? I sanded the steel with a rough grit orbital which gives it a really rustic look. As Josh says "It's frosted"! Cutting the bonnet took a while and was quiet tricky, but we got it done in the end and I think it looks epic! I also installed a cylinder style airbox with a K&N pod filter!

Once I've finished the weld repairs to the bonnet, I'll get it raptor coated black!

The latest upgrade happened just this past weekend, a custom stainless steel 3" exhaust pipe straight from the back of the turbo! But it's not just any exhaust system, it has electronic exhaust valves that can switch between silenced and straight through at the touch of a button. This will be great when the family is along for the ride and I want a quieter experience. But as soon as I hit the dirt, you can bet the noise is coming!



Well, that's it for now! Hope to see you all out on the dunes and in the forests! Until next time, Keep on trucking!!!


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