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Hey guys,

My name is Anthony Yates and I took the reigns of the fabrication department here at NZ Offroader in May this year. I have a background in structural tig welding, but have a mad passion for Motorsports. Over the past few months I've expanded the fabrication department offerings to include a range of upgrades. We now do air boxes, snorkels, inter cooler upgrades, exhausts and bar work for virtually any vehicle. 

Here are a few of the cool projects I've worked on over the past few months:


Josh's Bighorn Pie Cut Snorkel

A few months ago Josh got his Bighorn and was super keen on a pie cut snorkel... So I obliged and did this beautiful 4" stainless steel pie cut snorkel.


Nissan Safari Snorkel and Air Box

Richard sold his green safari and the client that bought it also requested a powder coated snorkel and a cylinder air box. Looks great and the client loved it...


Nissan Safari Upgrade

This client came in with a cracked exhaust manifold and a HUGE inter cooler he'd bought on Trademe. He asked for a repair and installation of the inter cooler. He ended up going for an aftermarket exhaust manifold, stainless steel exhaust down-pipe, air box and a new inter cooler to fit the safari. We also installed a non-egr inlet manifold for him.


Zoe's Ultra 4 Race Truck Front Bar

Recently did a new front bar for Zoe's Ultra 4 race truck. They removed the existing exo cage to reduce the weight and needed something to porotect the front of the car. I used 50x2 round tube and bent up a bar with inspiration from Zoe around the look. Zoe recently won an Ultra 4 even and only incurred a small dent on the bar from the recovery vehicle.


Toyota Hilux Natural FInish Snorkel

A Beautiful natural finish snorkel on a modern Toyota Hilux.


Anthony's Twin Tailpipe 3" Exhaust System

Anthony came to see me for a stainless steel exhaust. His main requirement was to have a 3" system with twin exits at the back. I ran the single pipe over the rear axle and split it at the back with a custom Y Join. I also made up a silencer insert for when he needs the car to be a little quieter (wink wink). It sounds like a caged tiger and Anthony is a happy customer.


So as you can see, we're into all kinds of upgrades now. If you'd like to get a price or info about and upgrade for your baby, then please do get in touch and we can sort you out.


Keep on Trucking!



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