Orchid GPS Locator Device



The Orchid™ is a unique locating device that has been designed and created by industry experts, with a built-in SIM card that utilises GPS and GSM technologies via the M2M network, allowing the Orchid™ to locate your assets globally, when requested.

The Orchid™ has been designed to utilise the battery power of your assets and will operate on 12v – 24v supplies, meaning installation capabilities are endless, examples of these include, vehicles, tools, boats, plant and machinery, bikes and many more battery operated assets.

At just 6mm thick, 35mm long and 24mm wide, the Orchid™ boast dimensions capable of providing true discretion while protecting your valuable assets.

The Orchid requires full time power connectivity to work. See the OrchidPlus for a battery powered option that lasts up to 40 days.

Subscription info

This price includes 1 year free subscription. The following year's subscription will be $60 per annum (GST inc.). This is to cover the use of a SIM card.

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