NZO Fabrication

NZO Fabrication is a new part of the team at NZOffroader and our goal is to provide you with a one stop shop when it comes to vehicle customisation, engine wise, bar work, trays and more

We currently offer the following products but not limited to

  • Stainless Steel Snorkels
  • NEW Titanium Snorkels 
  • ECU Remaps - Check your gains here
  • Universal and vehicle specific cold airboxes 
  • Custom Stainless, Mild Steel and Titanium Exhausts 
  • Custom Intercooler kits 
  • Upgrade turbo setups including compound setups 
  • Custom bar work - bullbars, rock sliders, side steps, rear bars, brush bars and in any design you can think of
  • Body Lifts

When it comes to anything custom, contact to the team at NZ Offroader and we will set you right.  

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NZO Fabrication has been apart of the team since early Feb 2020 and the team are fast establishing them self's as the guys to go to for custom work and performance upgrades. Sam the guy in charge of this division has a background in business and also has 14 years experience in Fabrication and has always been a petrol head and has a vast understanding of vehicle components making him the perfect guy for the job. His goal is to be one step ahead of everyone else, although hes started late hes quickly catching up