ECU Shop Boost Speed Next to suit LDV, Great Wall, HAVAAL, VW



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14 steps of progressive, surge free, throttle response. Mobile App controller and dash mounted remote. Comes with Ramble Idle, Winch, Anti Theft, Anti Slip and Economy modes

To suit: LDV G10, V80; GREAT WALL M2 10-14, C30 10+, C20R 11-14, V80 11-13, C50 12-16, M4 12-15, Wey VV5 17+, Wey VV6 18+, Wey VV7 17+; HAVAAL H1 15+, H2 12+, H2S 17+H7 13+, H8 12+, H9 15+, H6 12+, H6 Coupe 15+; VW Toureg 11+

  • Plug and Play Installation
  • Controlled via our Mobile Phone App
  • RESPONSE mode 14 Steps + OEM
  • ECO mode for Saving Fuel
  • ANTI SLIP mode for Off Road
  • ANTI THEFT mode - Vehicle Disabler
  • Change between settings on the go
  • Ramble Idle tuning via Mobile App
  • Models for most drive-by-wire vehicles

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