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NZO Fabrication Style2 Extreme Airbox



Only 2 pieces in stock!

The style 2 extreme Airbox is the very first of a new generation of airbox. This is designed for hard use and is made to flow as well as protect your engine from any possible debris and water that may make it to your airbox through your snorkel by not having the filter in the direct path of airflow  and has the added bonus of being able to see your filter. This box is paired with the new Ryco o2 Rush filters and offers extreme protection and flow for all your racing needs from dirt, dust and debris  


  • Size 263 W x 206 H x 385 L
  • Solid aluminium construction
  • Rubber seal so no sealant is required
  • Ryco o2 Rush washable filter
  • 4” inlets/ outlets
  • One-way valve water drain
  • Clear top for filter inspection
  • Picture framed top

Proudly designed and made in New Zealand.

All NZO Fabrication boxes are made to order, please allow up to 3 weeks for delivery, feel free to contact us for a more accurate time-frame.

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