NZO Fabrication Style1 Cold Airbox to suit a Toyota Lancruiser 80 Series



The Style1 80 series cold airbox is specifically made for your Toyota Lancruiser 80 Series

These are designed to look great and fit in the space provided between battery and the cruise control unit. in and outlets are 4"

The Style1 80 series airbox is laser cut and folded from 2mm aluminium, this means its lighter and does not hold heat as much as stainless and do not need to be bolted down as the snorkel and turbo inlet pipe holds them solid in position

All style1 airboxes have our recessed top design meaning changing a filter is not a hard task and can be done in 5-10 minutes  

Optional upgrades available are 

  • One way water drain
  • supplied with inlet kit

If your planning on purchasing a stainless snorkel and airbox together, contact sales for combo pricing

Install available in our Auckland showroom, contact sales for more info  

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