STEDI Anti-Theft Kit For Type X Evo


STEDI Anti-Theft Kit For Type X Evo

SKU: S2-ST-13-EVO-003


It’s true, our STEDI™ spotlights are highly sought after and are prone to be snatched up. Luckily, we have designed an Anti-Theft Kit to keep your spotlight safe from theft.


Our Anti-Theft kits are pre-configured to suit the STEDI Type X™ EVO LED Driving Lights.


This easy-to-assemble kit will greatly reduce the risk of theft & tampering.



Pre-Configured Anti-Theft kits to suit the Type X™ EVO LED Driving Lights.

Nuts & bolts are 304 Stainless Steel. 

One anti-theft pack will fit a pair of Type-X. 

  • 1 x M10 Nut Security Key
  • 1 x M8 Bolt Security Key
  • 4 x 8mm Bolts (Long) -  Used to secure the brackets to the sides of the Type X™ EVO
  • 2 x 10mm Nuts - Used to secure the bracket to the vehicle. 

Please note that all images are for illustrative purposes only. The actual product may differ slightly in style, manufacture and functionality. Contact us should you have any questions or concerns

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