Discover the Updated Look of Our Website - NZ Offroader

Discover the Updated Look of Our Website

We have revamped our website, again!

A Website Built for Speed and Discovery:

We're excited to unveil our brand new website at NZ Offroader! Last year, we prioritised website speed, and we delivered! Now, we're shifting gears and focusing on what truly matters to you: the gear!

A Website Reimagined:

This new website combines exceptional speed with a stunning look and feel. User comfort and intuitive navigation were at the forefront of our design choices, making it easier than ever to find the perfect offroad equipment.

Fresh Content for Offroad Enthusiasts:

We're also committed to keeping you informed! We've revamped our blog section, and you can expect a steady stream of engaging content, both written and visual, to keep you in the loop about the latest news and updates in the offroad world.

The Product Floodgates Are Opening!

Get ready to dive into a massive selection of offroad goodies! We're gearing up to load the website with thousands of products, and we want your input.

What do YOU want to see next?

We're committed to stocking the most sought-after offroad gear, and your voice matters. Drop us a comment below and let us know which offroad essentials you're itching to get your hands on!

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Hi Gareth, thank you for your question!
While our showroom doesn’t have it on display, our own vehicles run the Darche awnings and we are happy to open them up and show you!

Come down and check them out!

Also we’ll have all of the awnings on display at next weekends 4×4 Outdoor Expo.


Hi there
Interested in one of your awnings was just wondering do u have a show room atall at your shop you can come and have a look at a few things?


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