Located in the heart of Henderson, West Auckland, our workshop is your go-to destination for bringing your dreams into reality and ticking off your wish lists. 

Our team has over 30 years of industry experience & pride themselves on providing top-notch service while delivering professional fit-outs that exceed your expectations.

We facilitate dreams every day and are hear listen to your ideas, understand your vision, and help you build the vehicle you've always wanted.

Contact us now to discuss your vehicle aspirations and embark on a journey of excellence with us. Together, we'll create a masterpiece on wheels that reflects your unique style and passion.

Let us be the workshop that turns your dreams into reality.

Installation Services

We can install all of the products we sell, from bull bars, suspension, snorkels to roof racks, awnings and lights.

Tyre Fitting & Balancing

We also fit and balance all types of wheels and tyres.

ECU Remap

We can remap your ECU to give you better performance and efficiency

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LVV Certification Assist

We work with you and our certifier to help get your truck road legal and insured.

Full Truck Kit Outs

We have done it plenty of times already, but we can help build your dream truck! From factory to modified and certified.

We have a vast range of options in terms of installation services for your pride and joy – from work lights, front and rear bull bars, side steps, brush bars, and winches right through to suspension upgrades, lifts, rims, tyres, and all things in between.

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Learn more about the type of kit outs for certain use cases that we often do.

Services by need

Builds for tradies

Are you a tradie with a work wagon that is fully loaded with tools?

Talk to our team today about upgrading your suspension and installing drawer systems so your vehicle is beefed up to cope with heavy constant loads and your tools are safely stowed. 

Builds for trailer trucks

Do you have a full time trailer truck?

We can help you keep that beasty on the tracks too with bars, snorkels for engine protection, side rails, underbody protection and the list goes on and on.

Builds for touring & camping

Wanting to pack the family into your wagon and head off touring our beautiful country?

We have got you covered with high-quality awnings, rooftop tents, swags, and task lighting, along with seating and table options to help set up the ultimate tourer and camping experience.

We use all this gear ourselves, so you have the peace of mind that everything we supply we know is top quality and more than up to whatever we can throw at it! 

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