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New NZ Offroader Airboxes

New NZ Offroader Airboxes

When I started with the fabrication department we went with the cylinder style airboxes to get things rolling. They're affordable and easy to confi...

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First YouTube video

NZOffroader started out

April 2012 Richard and the crew posted up their first video on YouTube. This was the first time NZOffroader was introduced to the public.

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Facebook Group page started

NZOffroader joins Facebook

In May 2013 the NZOffroader Facebook Group was opened. The NZOffroader group has grown to well over 50,000 members, all sharing posts, discussing and trading all things 4X4. Becoming the largest 4X4 community in New Zealand.

NZO starts providing services, parts and accessories

NZOffroader opens a workshop

October 2015 NZOffroader opens a shop in New Lynn, Auckland, offering parts, accessories and services to the NZOffroader Community.

We move to a bigger, better workshop and showroom

5/54 Keeling Road, Henderson, Auckland

After a couple years in New Lynn we needed more space, so we moved to 5/54 Keeling Road in Henderson, Auckland.

We have a large showroom of our products, a workshop for install services and much more.

NZO expands its services to custom fabrication

NZO Fabrication is born

We introduced NZO Fabrication into the NZOffroader team, with NZO Fab jumping on board we are able to offer custom work, such as stainless snorkels, airboxes, custom bars, rock crawlers, performance upgrades, remaps and much more!