Collection: Novawinch - High quality electric and hydraulic winches

The leading manufacturer of hydraulic and electric, worm gear and planetary gear winches in china.

Zhejiang Nowvow Mechanical & Electrical Corp Ltd has been dedicated to the design and manufacture of winching products since 1997. Our commitment to producing quality and innovative products is unrivaled. Over the last 23 years we have developed a reputation for manufacturing superior products in a rapidly expanding global market.

Our innovation in technology, devotion to customer satisfaction, and close contact with our dealers has allowed us to establish the Novawinch brand. Our dedicated distributors have helped Novawinch solidify its position as a globally respected brand in over 30 countries and growing.

There is no shortcut to perfection. At Novawinch, we pour our effort and our thirst for challenge into every product we make. Our customers trust us to satisfy the tough demands of the world’s top vehicle and military suppliers because of the peerless reliability of our products.

Novawinch - High quality electric and hydraulic winches - NZ Offroader