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Driving on Muriwai Beach - The Public Meeting and NZOffroader's view

Last night at the Waimauku War Memorial Hall was the first of three community meetings about the issues Murawai beach is facing with regards to driving on the beach and the Auckland Council's proposal to close the beach all together!

There is a very strong consensus from the community to not close Murawai to vehicles but to have it properly managed! Last night saw a wide range of different enthusiasts from 4WDers, fishermen, horse riders, water sport seekers, environmentalist and local Murawai community members and everyone else you can imagine that uses and enjoys Muriwai beach, except the problematic people that have caused this discussion in the first place!

The room could collectively agree that no one there was to blame and it was the idiots and hoons that are destroying it for all of us that enjoy our beautiful beach.

A common solution to the problem was to increase policing to which we were advised there just isn't enough resources to do so, so what quickly became apparent was that we, 4WDers and the extended users of Muriwai, will have to work together as a community if we are going to stop the pen pushers from closing OUR BEACH!! 

Over the next few weeks to months especially, we need to really pull finger, lead by example and crack down on these IDIOTS DOING THE DAMAGE!!! We have the following suggestions we would like you all to follow:

  • NO driving onto the beach from Coast Road (Main entrance) doing skids or stupid behaviour
  • NO speeding - Muriwai is still governed like any other road with speed limits, loss of traction rules etc
  • NO driving on the dunes, especially the areas from Coast Road up to Wilson's Road entrance - this is to help preserve the environment
  • Take your bloody rubbish home! Keep the beach clean and tidy - We all sport trucks that can carry the rubbish there, so take it home!
  • Respect other users of the beach, such as keeping your distance from horse riders and dog walkers
  • We encourage the actions of taking pictures or videos of offenders and their vehicles, make sure you get their registration! If we can remove these guys from the beach the rest of us will be able to continue enjoying it. 

    Anyone is welcome to post on the NZOffroader page to call these sh*t heads out, you can message Richard Stec if you wish to stay anonymous.

We need to knock this situation on the head now!

The only ones to win if we don't is the council pen pushers and the bigger entities behind the idea to close OUR BEACH!!

There are going to be 2 more meetings this month:

  1. 22 April 2021 @ 7pm - 9pm - South Head Golf Club
  2. 27 April 2021 @ 7pm - 9pm - Muriwai Surf Club

Have your say

Please take the time to have your say, visit https://akhaveyoursay.aucklandcouncil.govt.nz/driving-on-muriwai-beach and give the council your feedback!

All other information and details of the meetings can be found at the link above. 

If there is ever a time to step up and speak out, now is that time! MURAWAI ISN'T JUST A BEACH ON THE WEST COAST OF NEW ZEALAND, IT IS OUR BACKYARD!!!

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