NZO is closed this Saturday, 27 Mar - We are going to the Ultra4 Test & Tune Weekend

This Saturday, 24 March 2021 the NZOffroader workshop will be closed.

There is a good reason for this, as you will find us at the Ultra4 New Zealand Test & Tune Weekend in Makarau, Auckland.

We will however be back open next Saturday from 9AM to 2PM as per usual (Unless a road-trip comes about for the long weekend).

What is the Ultra4 New Zealand Test & Tune Weekend?

Straight from their Facebook post, here's what they say:

Got a helmet? Want to come and check out what Ultra4 NZ is all about?

We have decided to run a “Stock” class at our Test & Tune weekend.

You will still be able to get in on the tech talks, learn some new driving tips and get to drive around the course with the pace car and have some fun on the obstacles before watching the guys with the safety gear have a bit of free time on the course.

Get your entries in here:

If you have any questions please message us on Facebook or email us at

If you've got a truck you'd like to test, don't mind a bit of speed and a couple jumps we recommend you head down! Come see the NZO Crew and get involved in the Ultra4 scene. 

This event doesn't come around too often so it will be a-shame to miss out on it. Plus enjoy the full 4wd racing experience and camp over night and share some banter with some like-minded off-roaders.

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