Collection: NZ Whiplights

NZ Whiplights (NZWL) is a 100% Kiwi owned and operated family business. My family are from North Canterbury originally and I spent much of my childhood and teenage summers down there fishing and in 4WD's, blasting around in paddocks. I now live in Auckland where NZWL is based.

I'm naturally impatient and hate waiting, so I wanted to offer my customers a great prompt service. As a result we physically hold our whiplight and other stock in New Zealand. We don't drop-ship or rely on costly and increasingly unreliable delivery times from around the world. If our products are ever out of stock we will tell you!

I started my business during Covid times as I was looking for new ways to make my 4WD vehicle more distinct and unique.  I'd seen some crazy LED 4x4 and truck rig setups overseas as well as LED's whip lights on work and contracting vehicles and loved the fun and distinct look of them and I'd seen nothing like them in New Zealand.

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