New NZ Offroader Airboxes

When I started with the fabrication department we went with the cylinder style airboxes to get things rolling. They're affordable and easy to configure to any vehicle. They work well and look pretty good in the vehicle too. But we had a demand for the square type with the viewing lid, so I had to come up with something to meet that demand.

A bit of RND and teaching myself basic CAD and I managed to draw up and have our first airbox laser cut and folded. Simple, square, with a viewing lid... But not cool enough yet. Then I was shown an airbox with a custom lid and I knew what had to be done. I had our designer do me a logo that I could use in the airbox lid.

So here it is, the New NZ Offroader airbox.

This airbox was built for a Ford Ranger and has the MAF sensor housing on it. It features two brackets that bolt into the factory mount points for the original airbox. The brackets sit on rubber bushes that allow the airbox to flex with the engine without any rattling in the engine bay.

The plan going forward is to start developing airboxes to suite each vehicle and to sell them as a kit that you can simply order online and install yourself! So watch this space...

Until next time!
Keep on trucking!!!

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