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Blackhawk Upper Control Arm Kit to suit Ford Ranger PX1/2/3/BT50

Blackhawk Upper Control Arm Kit to suit Ford Ranger PX1/2/3/BT50


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Product Description
Roadsafe offers over 800 catalogued Control Arm numbers. It suits over hundreds of known vehicle applications for both upper & lower locations. In many circumstances, a mechanic might replace the bushings in a control arm, however where the arm aperture enlarges or changes shape due to numerous ball joint installations or is damaged in other ways, a complete replacement control arm is available.

The control arm serves as the interface between the chassis and the wheel end assembly. The control arm is responsible for allowing for independent vertical travel of the wheels.

The range includes high-quality ball joints or bushings where required. Constant development with new “in-demand “numbers added regularly’’.

Ball Joint - BJ3957HD, Bushing - S0527R ,CAP - UCABHCAP1 Ranger PX1/2/3/Bt50 compatible Upper Control Arm Kit



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