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Darche H/S Cam Buckles 2 in a set

Darche H/S Cam Buckles 2 in a set


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Ensure peace of mind for your next outdoor adventure with Darche’s comprehensive range of spare parts and accessories like repair kits and pumps, available for tents, swags and awnings.

Strap down all your camping goods and assets with the Cambuckle Tie Down. This accessory is a must have for any adventure off road or just for a simple family get away. With heavy lashing capacity and breaking strength, the Cambuckle tie down is a necessity for your camping kit.

Features and Specifications
  • 25mm polyester webbing strap
  • 400kg lashing capacity
  • 800kg breaking strength
  • S hook
Size: 25mm x 3m

⚠️ Important Information: You are responsible for LVV compliance of purchased products and their installation, if applicable. Images are for illustration only, actual product may vary. Please contact us with any questions.

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