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GME AE4705TP Heavy Duty All Terrain Twin Pack (2.1 & 6.6DBI Gain) - White

GME AE4705TP Heavy Duty All Terrain Twin Pack (2.1 & 6.6DBI Gain) - White


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GME offers a range of rugged, heavy duty radome antennas. The perfect blend of style and performance.

The All Terrain UHF CB Antenna twin pack combines two of our most popular heavy-duty antenna options – the AE4705 and AW4704, in a convenient all-in-one package.

Included in the AE4705TP is the AE4705, a 6.6dBi gain antenna, with a rugged, heavy-duty spring base – ideal for communication across flat, open terrain.

For enhanced performance in built-up areas or mountainous terrain, simply unscrew the AW4705 antenna whip and replace with the 2.1dBi gain AW4704 whip.

Offering the ultimate in versatility and convenience, the All Terrain Pack is the perfect solution for 4WD enthusiasts who demand rugged, high-quality accessories.

Also available in Black (AE4705BTP)

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