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Lift Junkie

Lift Junkie 1-2" Lift Kit to suit VW Amarok 2010+

Lift Junkie 1-2" Lift Kit to suit VW Amarok 2010+


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Using a number of premium brand components these suspension systems enhance the usability of your vehicle with up to 2 inches of extra ride height. This kit is perfect for those who have a bullbar or plan to add one in the future. Avoiding ground obstacles, carry heavier loads, greater handling control or simply improving driver sight lines, Lift Junkie is the ultimate combination of increased suspension functionality and affordability. No modification is required, just replace the original components with the uprated heavy duty shocks and springs.

What you get in the 1 inch kit:

  • Dobinsons Front Coil Springs (C63-036)
  • Dobinsons Rear Leaf Springs  (L63-035-R)
  • RAW 4x4 Rear Leaf Spring U-Bolts (U006)
  • Super Pro Rear Leaf Spring Bushings (KIT183K)
  • RAW 4x4 Front Shocks (G61063)
  • RAW 4x4 Rear Shocks (G6012M3Y)

What you get in the 2 inch kit: 

  • RAW 4x4 Front Coil Springs ( RC-2346)
  • RAW 4x4 Rear Leaf Springs  (RL971)
  • RAW 4x4 Rear Leaf Spring U-Bolts (U006)
  • Super Pro Rear Leaf Spring Bushings (KIT183K)
  • RAW 4x4 Front Shocks (G61063)
  • RAW 4x4 Rear Shocks (G6012M3Y)
  • RAW 4x4 Diff Drop Kit ( M1103K)


About the Shocks

Heavy Duty Range: RAW 4x4 Nitro is a gas shock absorber that will improve ride quality by reducing body roll and increasing vehicle stability.

Combining an expanded body for extra oil capacity and nitrogen gas for additional cooling purposes. RAW Nitro shock absorbers will outlast many of its well-known rivals at a competitive price.

Well suited to the recreational 4WDer who is looking to lift the vehicle and improve overall suspension performance.


  • Increased bore size reducing internal operating pressure for a longer lasting shock
  • High performance oil for consistent performance in all types of conditions
  • HNBR seal with wiper lip designed to keep dust and grime out
  • Large body for extra capacity
  • Highly charged nitrogen gas to resist shock absorber fade

About the Leaf Springs:

With over 60 years of experience manufacturing in Australia, Dobinsons Spring & Suspension™ are no strangers to providing the highest quality spring and suspension components, and our range of leaf springs are no exception. 

Our range includes raised and heavy duty leaf springs for 4x4’s, heavy duty and parabolic replacement leaf springs for trucks and commercial vehicles, plus raised and replacement leaf springs for 4x2 utilities and passenger vehicles. In most cases there are multiple options available to ensure the correct leaf spring is available to meet most requirements. 

    Our design engineers ensure that all our leaf springs are designed specifically for each vehicle model, with consideration given to the load and height requirements for each application. Design is one of the most important stages in the leaf spring manufacturing process, and with over 60 years of design and manufacturing experience, we recognise the importance of this.

    Design features include Drawn, tapered and thinned leaf ends for even stress distribution over the entire spring pack, two stage spring design for the rear of most vehicles to achieve optimum ride and handling both laden and unladen and carefully selected leaf lengths and thickness’s to maximize the spring life, comfort, load carrying capacity, wheel travel and performance.

    About the Coils

    Dobinsons Spring & Suspension™ proudly manufacture the highest quality replacement coil springs for many different applications to ISO9001:2008 international quality standards from their state of the art manufacturing facility in Central Queensland, Australia.



    Dobinsons™ proudly boast one of the worlds largest range of coil springs including raised height and heavy duty 4wd springs, lowered performance passenger car springs, O.E. replacement springs and heavy duty springs for commercial vehicles.

    As Dobinsons™ coil springs are manufactured in-house, Dobinsons™ can manufacture smaller quantities and in most cases there are many different coil spring options available for your vehicle. This ensures the customer receives the best spring to suit their application and avoids a “One Size Fits All” scenario, especially important when selecting the correct spring rates and ride heights.

    When matched with a set of corresponding Dobinsons™ Shock Absorbers, Dobinsons™ can provide you with unrivalled performance and handling.


    All Dobinsons™ coil springs are load tested and scragged 100% to eliminate subsequent spring sag, and ensure they meet and maintain the required specifications. We also perform spring fatigue and hardness testing using in-house state of the art testing equipment.


    A durable powdercoat finish provides extreme protection against the elements.


    Load Rating: 

    These kits come with medium duty rear leaf springs (1 Inch: 0-180kgs | 2 Inch: 200-400kgs) and medium duty front coils (1 Inch: 0-70kgs | 2 Inch: 0-50kgs). If you need higher rated parts please contact us for further information. 

    ⚠️ Important Information: You are responsible for LVV compliance of purchased products and their installation, if applicable. Images are for illustration only, actual product may vary. Please contact us with any questions.

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