Lift Junkie 2" Lift Kit to Suit Ford Ranger PX3 2018+


Shock Options

Lift Junkie 2" Lift Kit to Suit Ford Ranger PX3 2018+


Shock Options

*Please note images are indicative only and actual product may vary slightly

Using a number of premium brand components these suspension systems enhance the usability of your vehicle with up to 2 inches of extra ride height. This kit is perfect for those who have a bullbar or plan to add one in the future. Avoiding ground obstacles, carry heavier loads, greater handling control or simply improving driver sight lines, Lift Junkie is the ultimate combination of increased suspension functionality and affordability. No modification is required, just replace the original components with the uprated heavy duty shocks and springs.

What you get in the kit:

  • Dobinsons Front Coil Springs  (C19-512)
  • RAW 4x4 Rear Leaf Springs  (RL903)
  • Super Pro Rear Leaf Spring Bushings (KIT168K)
  • RAW 4x4 Front Shocks (NM1110) OR RAW 4x4 Predator Rear Shocks (PR1110S)
  • RAW 4x4 Rear Shocks (NM326M4) OR RAW 4x4 Predator Rear Shocks (PR899S)
  • Sway Bar Link (ST31179)

About the Shocks (Predator or Nitro Max)

RAW 4x4 Predator Range = Performance 

Performance Range: The RAW Predator range brings together on road prowess and off road durability into a fast acting monotube design. The Predator delivers that elusive feeling of comfort and control. If you use your 4WD for day to day running around and off road adventures on the weekend, the Predator is what you are looking for.

The Predator series has been specifically designed for the 4×4 owner who is looking for that sometimes elusive combination of comfort and control. The design of the Predator is one of the most efficient heat dissipating shock absorber designs due to the single wall construction resulting in consistent performance on & off road with sharper steering response, less body roll and improved traction.


  • 46mm bore monotube
  • High VI index oil and HNBR oil seal with separate wiper seals
  • High pressure nitrogen gas to resist shock absorber fade
  • Ultimate in comfort and control when matched with RAW 4×4 springs


Engineered for performance

The RAW Predator monotube design maintains a fine balance between comfort and control, while maintaining strength and durability:

  1. Increased rod diameter for extra strength and durability
  2. Large body size helps the shock stay cooler for longer under extreme working conditions
  3. Heavy duty low friction seal package, helps withstand additional side load in hard off-road conditions
  4. Bump cap & wiper seal designed to keep dust and grime out.
  5. High pressure nitrogen gas to resist shock absorber fade
  6. High VI index oil which provide high levels of control even at elevated damper temperature


Raw 4x4 Nitro Max Range = Heavy Duty

Extra Heavy Duty Range: RAW 4×4 Nitro Max is the heavy weight contender of our shock absorber range.
Specifically designed for heavy coil sprung and torsion bar vehicles, Nitro Max uses a proven truck shock absorber design with highly tuned valving for 4 x 4 applications carrying heavy loads and travel demanding terrain.

Recommended for vehicles used in mining, long distance touring, towing and heavy duty applications.


Engineered for Performance

  • Large truck bore size with highly tuneable disc valving
  • Nitrogen gas charged to resits shock absorber fade and maintain dampening performance
  • Increased oil capacity vastly improving the shock absorbers ability to dissipate heat and operate cooler over long distances and constant high speeds
  • HNBR seal with wiper lip designed to keep dust and grime out

Nitro Max shock absorbers have been designed to withstand even the harshest of Australian conditions

Nitro Max achieve enhanced performance and longevity through:

  1. Larger external body size
  2. Low pressure nitrogen gas charged to resist fade
  3. Improved dampening
  4. High temperature oil
  5. Seals resistant to elevated temperatures
  6. Hydraulic stop at fully extended


About the Leaf Springs:

RAW 4×4 leaf springs have been designed to achieve the best possible ride for your 4×4 whilst increasing your ride height, load carrying ability and improving overall suspension travel.


  • Made from high quality steel -Military Wrapped Eyes for extra safety in the instance of a main leaf breaking
  • Diamond Cut - Drawn tapered & diamond cut leafs to aid in load distribution over a larger surface area
  • Anti Friction Liners - Scrag testing ensures the spring takes a permanent set, reducing the chances of the leafs sagging. Inter leaf anti friction liners between the springs leafs to reduce friction and improve ride comfort (Excludes some part numbers)
  • Clips - High strength alignment clips with nylon insulators to reduce wear and noise. Nyloc nuts are used to secure the clips to prevent losening which can lead to tyre damage.
  • Two Stage Leaf Pack - Two stage leaf pack for additional support when the vehicle is heavily laden. Please note: The above features are represented as an example, some springs in our range may not have all the above features

About the Coils

Dobinsons Spring & Suspension™ proudly manufacture the highest quality replacement coil springs for many different applications to ISO9001:2008 international quality standards from their state of the art manufacturing facility in Central Queensland, Australia.



Dobinsons™ proudly boast one of the worlds largest range of coil springs including raised height and heavy duty 4wd springs, lowered performance passenger car springs, O.E. replacement springs and heavy duty springs for commercial vehicles.

As Dobinsons™ coil springs are manufactured in-house, Dobinsons™ can manufacture smaller quantities and in most cases there are many different coil spring options available for your vehicle. This ensures the customer receives the best spring to suit their application and avoids a “One Size Fits All” scenario, especially important when selecting the correct spring rates and ride heights.

When matched with a set of corresponding Dobinsons™ Shock Absorbers, Dobinsons™ can provide you with unrivalled performance and handling.


All Dobinsons™ coil springs are load tested and scragged 100% to eliminate subsequent spring sag, and ensure they meet and maintain the required specifications. We also perform spring fatigue and hardness testing using in-house state of the art testing equipment.


A durable powdercoat finish provides extreme protection against the elements.

Load Rating: 

These kits come with medium duty leaf springs (0-200kgs) and medium duty coils (40-70kgs). If you need higher rated parts please contact us for further information. 

Please note that all images are for illustrative purposes only. The actual product may differ slightly in style, manufacture and functionality. Contact us should you have any questions or concerns

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