NZO Fabrication

NZO Fabrication Style1 S**tbox Airbox



The NZO Fabrication Style1 S**tbox is our entry level universal airbox and is made to suit a wide range of vehicles from cars to trucks. This will increase airflow and when paired with one of our snorkels will keep the air going to your engine cool.


  • Clear top for filter inspection
  • Rubber seal so no sealant is required
  • Countersunk cap washers to spread the load
  • 3” in / outlets

Available in 3 sizes

200 W x 200 H x 300 L
220 W x 220 H x 350 L
250 W x 240 W x 390 L

Filter sold separately.

They will all suit a 3" pod filter (We tested with a K&N filter), please let us know if you want to use it with a Ryco filter as some modification is required.

All NZO Fabrication boxes are made to order, please allow up to 3 weeks for delivery, feel free to contact us for a more accurate time-frame.

Proudly designed and made in New Zealand.

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