REDARC 1.5M Anderson To Battery Terminal Cable


REDARC 1.5M Anderson To Battery Terminal Cable

SKU: N1-SRC0010

The 1.5m Anderson™ to Battery Eyelet Terminal Cable allows a high quality, permanent connection from the solar regulator direct to the battery terminals via a 8mm eyelet.

Set up is easy thanks to genuine industry standard Anderson™ SB™50 connectors. These high quality Anderson™ plugs are simple and fast to connect with no screw terminals and no risk of poor connections from frayed wired or loose terminals – just plug and play!



Length (mm) 1500
Output System Voltage 50V DC
Conductor Size AWG 6 (Ø4.11mm)
Current Limit 30A
Input Fuse Rating 40A
Warranty 2 Years

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