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REDARC 12V 100AH Lithium Deep Cycle Battery - Heavy Duty

REDARC 12V 100AH Lithium Deep Cycle Battery - Heavy Duty


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Excellent for higher power needs off-grid. If you rely on 240 volt appliances that need a higher current, this battery can handle a larger inverter so you can keep your essentials running.

The REDARC 12V 100Ah Heavy Duty variant has a recommended continuous discharge of 100A, ideal for applications requiring high currents like air compressors, and can be used with an inverter up to 1000W in size (per battery). 

REDARC Lithium Deep Cycle Batteries are the ultimate in deep-cycle battery technology delivering unrivalled performance and battery life. 

Lithium battery for caravan and 4WD vehicles

Build the perfect battery bank for your 4WD, RV, camper, caravan, or boat.  Light weight with huge capacity, these batteries deliver longer lasting power, and they are built for Australia’s toughest conditions!

Leading 12v lithium battery solution

This battery is equipped with an internal Battery Management System (BMS) that can monitor and optimise each cell during charge and discharge to protect the battery pack from over charge, over discharge and short circuit.  The internal BMS also allows the balancing of cells within the batteries, allowing them to be configured and used in parallel to increase battery bank capacity for increased energy storage. You can parallel up to six 100Ah-HD batteries together. 



Nominal Capacity 100Ah
Recommended continuous discharge 100A
Maximum discharge 170A
Peak discharge 400A
Recommended charge current <50A
Maximum charge current 50A
Recommended charge voltage 14.6V ± 0.2V
Weight (kg) 12.5
Dimensions 305 x 165 x 221mm
Warranty 3 years

⚠️ Important Information: You are responsible for LVV compliance of purchased products and their installation, if applicable. Images are for illustration only, actual product may vary. Please contact us with any questions.

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