REDARC 3A Charge Equaliser



The REDARC 3A Charge Equaliser allows 12 volts to be ‘tapped’ from the centre of a series-connected, two battery, 24 volt DC electrical system while still ensuring an equal charge across the two batteries.

This is particularly useful when space or cost prohibits the installation of a separate 12 volt battery.

The advantage that a Charge Equaliser provides over a standard voltage reducers is that power is drawn from a battery rather than through a current limited device, allowing much larger peak and current draws.

The REDARC Charge Equaliser features overload protection and has a high peak current capability and fast transient response suited for loads requiring a safe, clean and stable 12 volt supply.



  • Designed to keep your 24 volt batteries equally charged
  • Cost effective product for supplying 12 volts to any type of load
  • Peak load currents available are limited only by the battery



  • High peak current capability
  • Fast transient response
  • Fully encapsulated



Input (Operating) Voltage 19 - 33VDC
Output Current Rating (Cont.) 3A
Input Fuse Rating 5A
Output Fuse Rating 5A
Warranty 2 Years
Output System Voltage 12VDC
Length (mm) 135
Width (mm) 75
Height (mm) 70
Weight (kg) 0.4

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