REDARC Low Coolant Level Alarm 12 or 24V

SKU: N1-LCA1224


The LCA1224 low coolant alarm can be used in a 12V or 24V automotive system or remote water pumping system to monitor radiator coolant level. It will provide a visual and audible alarm if the coolant falls below the chosen level.

It will give warning of a sudden loss of coolant (from a burst radiator hose, for example) alerting you to switch off the engine, preventing any damage due to overheating.

The LCA1224 features an Anti-slosh delay, which means that the alarm won’t sound every time you turn a corner. The LCA1224 also features external lamp and buzzer outputs if more powerful or more convenient indication is required.



  • Cost effective protection against engine damage caused by coolant loss
  • Ensures you’ll know about a fault before extensive damage occurs
  • Better than a temperature gauge in the event of sudden coolant loss
  • Doesn’t produce electrolysis that causes corrosion
  • Lets you know it’s working, every time you start the car 


  • AC sensing to avoid corrosion
  • Suitable for 12 volt and 24 volt systems
  • The buzzer operates if the sense wire in the system is broken
  • Built-in anti-slosh delay
  • Output for external alarm and/or indicator

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