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Roadsafe 4WD Soft Shackle (10mm - 9000kgs) with Drying Bag

Roadsafe 4WD Soft Shackle (10mm - 9000kgs) with Drying Bag


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Roadsafe offers a great range of Recovery Straps, each individually designed to suit its purpose so that you can have the right strap for the right application. The Roadsafe Recovery Straps are tested to certified standards, fully stamped and tagged rated, come with complete sewn eyes and protective sleeves. 

Roadsafe Soft Shackles are designed to be a safe, lightweight, easy to use alternative to conventional steel bow shackles. Manufactured from UHMWPE 10mm 12 synthetic plait rope, the Roadsafe Soft Shackles are supplied complete with high visibility abrasion-resistant sheath and pre-tensioned for immediate use.

By using a Roadsafe Soft Shackle, you effectively remove a very heavy and potentially lethal standard steel shackle from your recovery system. Being manufactured from the rope, the Roadsafe Soft Shackle floats, so no more lost shackles or pins in muddy, watery environments during recovery, and is flexible, so suitable for a huge variety of applications.

• Rope Sliced Breaking Strain 10mm - 9000kgs
• Maximum strength to weight ratio and strength comparable to steel
• Lowest elongation, minimal stretch
• Lightweight for gross weight reduction
•Time saver takes less time to set up than a conventional shackle
• Floats in water and muddy environments
• Abrasion-resistant sheaths for maximum durability
Rope Spliced Breaking Strain 9000kgs Soft Shackle - Grey Orange Sheath - Bonus Drying Bag

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