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STEDI C-4 LED Work Lights & Wiring Bundle | Flood

STEDI C-4 LED Work Lights & Wiring Bundle | Flood


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The "STEDI C-4 LED Work Lights & Wiring Bundle | Flood" is an all-in-one lighting solution for your off-roading or industrial needs. This package includes:

  • 2 x STEDI C-4 LED Flood Lights: These high-performance lights are equipped with class-leading CREE XM-L2 emitters, producing an impressive 4,200 lumens of light intensity, making them perfect for lighting up your surroundings in the dark. The C-4 flood lights are one of the three beam options available – spot, flood, and diffused – offering you the ability to tailor your lighting setup to your specific needs. The robust Die Cast Aluminium Housing and Lexan Optical lens ensure these lights are built to last, while the included shock dampeners provide extra protection against vibration, rendering these lights well-suited for heavy-duty applications​.

  • 1 x 2 to 1 Deutsch Connector Splitter: This device allows you to connect both lights to a single wiring harness. With a current rating of 15A, this splitter is suitable for use with the included C-4 lights. The splitter features waterproof connectors placed inside the conduit, ensuring a reliable and robust connection​.

  • 1 x STEDI Smart™ Harness: This wiring harness comes equipped with a microprocessor that automatically detects whether your system is positive or negative switched. The harness includes a total of 4.8 meters of wiring, a 12vDC 35A rated fuse kit, a 12vDC 60A switching relay, and a push-button on/off switch. The UV rated insulation provides additional durability, and the harness is compatible with both 12v and 24v systems​.

This bundle provides everything you need for a high-performance lighting system, whether you're on an off-roading adventure, working in an industrial setting, or setting up a campsite in the dark.

⚠️ Important Information: You are responsible for LVV compliance of purchased products and their installation, if applicable. Images are for illustration only, actual product may vary. Please contact us with any questions.

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