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STEDI Projector H7 LED Head Light Upgrade (Pair)

STEDI Projector H7 LED Head Light Upgrade (Pair)


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The optical design of a reflector headlamp is very different from that of a projector-based headlight. Designing LED headlight conversion, which is useful on both platforms, is a balancing act full of compromises. Enter our all-new Projector specific LED upgrade "Project."


Our back-to-back tests on projector headlamps have yielded an average increase of 300% in peak intensity. Add to this the overall beam has incredible width, endless light volume, and incredibly smooth free of any dominant shadows or hotspots.


One of the critical advantages of our projector-based headlamps is that the optical module is fitted with an internal cut-off shield, which keeps oncoming cars from being blinded by stray light scatter, this allows for a brighter light source to be leveraged without fear of poor light distribution.

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