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Toyota Hilux Surf 185, Prado 90/95 Series Adjustable Rear Panhard Rod

Toyota Hilux Surf 185, Prado 90/95 Series Adjustable Rear Panhard Rod


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Adjustable rear panhard rod to suit  Toyota Hilux Surf 185 and Prado 90/95 Series

An absolute necessity on all raised 4WD’s is the Adjustable Panhard Rod. Designed to correct axle alignment, the fitment of an Adjustable Panhard Rod eliminates potential contact between tyre and body and improves handling issues on vehicles lifted 2”+.

All Roadsafe Adjustable Panhard Rods are Heavy Duty, single thread off car adjustable and come complete with bushings and steering damper mounting brackets where applicable. The majority of Roadsafe Adjustable Panhard Rods now come standard with high flex Rubber Bushings. This has been a gradual change based on customer demand. Our Roadsafe rubber bushings bring the factory ride feel to the upgraded replacement Adjustable Panhard Rods. The high flex Roadsafe rubber bushings offer less Noise, Vibration & Harshness over the polyurethane bushings for panhard applications. Panhard Rods 4wd APR compatible with Toyota 185 Surf 90/95 Series Prado

Part No: APR030



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